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Who we are

Following a combined near four decade experience in nightlife and the underground, 6AM, Synthetik Minds an Dirty Epic propose a new day-into-night festival experience that aims to reform the way we experience techno and house. RE/FORM brings the music to bigger stages while maintaining the ethos and values of the underground at the forefront of the project itself.

Why LA?

Thanks to over four decades of innovation, creation, collaborations and hard work, Los Angeles now sits is at the forefront of the world’s electronic music scene. Known for its vibrant warehouse underground scene, LA has become one of the most sought-after destinations for underground electronic music fans from all corners of the globe and yet, there is no single festival truly dedicated to showcasing these sounds while keeping the values of the underground alive. This is why RE/FORM was born, with the aim of reforming the way we experience house and techno together!